Dot Esports’ global League of Legends power rankings: Preseason 2022

The global League of Legends scene has changed immensely in just two months, with the offseason bringing about countless roster alterations across the world. Since EDward Gaming claimed the Summoner’s Cup just over two months ago, the landscape of international League has certainly shifted. Whether those shifts have crossed international boundaries or not, it’s evident every region in the professional League scene has felt the rippling effects of a vivid offseason.

From legendary players switching teams to established veterans creating superstar-packed lineups, the 2022 season is already shaping up to be one of the most competitive campaigns League has ever seen. High-octane, world-title-contending rosters are being assembled in every region across the globe. 

To celebrate the beginning of the 2022 pro League season, we asked our team of League writers to assess the dozens of teams participating in competitive play across the world. We’ve ranked the teams of the world across all regions based on the strengths of their rosters, their previous recorded results, and the state of the global professional climate. As a result of our assessment, we’ve come to a consensus and have ranked the top 10 pro League teams in the world ahead of the 2022 season. 

Rank Team Home Region
1) Edward Gaming LPL
2) Gen.G LCK
3) T1 LCK
4) Royal Never Give Up LPL
6) LNG Esports LPL
7) Weibo Gaming LPL
8) Team Vitality LEC
9) Bilibili Gaming LPL
10) Top Esports LPL

10)Top Esports 

Top Esports failed to meet expectations in 2021. The favorites to win Worlds 2020 and dominate the LPL made only one change a year ago that, on paper, was supposed to strengthen their weakest link in the support role. Now, the squad is looking ahead after an even bigger roster overhaul. 

Veterans Zoom and

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Dot Esports’ Game Awards results are in

It’s that time of the year again. And while The Game Awards are always sure to please, we thought we’d share our top picks of the year.

The games chosen were all first nominated by the writers at Dot Esports. The most popular nominations were then voted upon to determine the winner.

Some big titles came out in 2021, including Halo Infinite, Resident Evil Village, and unexpected favorites like It Takes Two and Kena: Bridge of Spirits. The pandemic forced a lot of developers to push their games to late 2021 or 2022, so although there are a lot of good games nominated for the 2021 awards, 2022 also looks promising for game releases.

The Game Awards nominations have 30 categories, but we’ve slimmed that down to just the ones that encompass the heart of gaming. Here are the best games (and esports athlete and team) of the year, according to Dot Esports.

Game of the Year

Tied: Resident Evil Village and It Takes Two

Image via Capcom

The results for Game of the Year were tied according to our writers. Both Resident Evil Village and It Takes Two received the most votes. Both games were highly regarded, although Resident Evil Village had more hype for it coming out than It Takes Two did.

Best Game Direction

Winner: It Takes Two

Image via Electronic Arts

It Takes Two was one of the biggest multiplayer games of the year and all who played it gave it great reviews. The Steam store cites over 50,000 positive reviews. What’s most unique about this game is that only one person has to buy it and the second player uses a buddy pass copy of the game.

Best Art Direction

Winner: Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Purchased on either the PlayStation store or

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