Women as extras | Balkan Insight

In the era of social media and digital dominance, this patriarchal framework is more than ever a dominant narrative in lots of sites about the planet, including the Western Balkans, where severe notions of magnificence and regular gendered roles continue to characterize and restrict women’s participation and representation in society.

Girls journalists, both of those as users of neighborhood and as purveyors of news and information, are not exempt from these discriminatory expectations. Newsrooms, for lots of unique factors, generally reflect these norms, positioning the women of all ages who do the job there as ‘accessories’ – practical objects that have which means only insofar as guys deem it so. 

Marina Ridjic describes her encounter as a woman journalist, designed even worse, she feels, by also remaining blonde. “I’ve been doing the job considering the fact that I was 19 […] I have normally heard, ‘just read what is penned, you shouldn’t try out to use your head. You are fairly and that is sufficient to conduct an job interview.’ When I was younger, I applied to respond in anger and tried using to earn each individual battle. At some place, you just comprehend that you will listen to these types of remarks through your existence.” 

Alice Taylor informed us about a colleague, an anchor from Albania, who was predicted to get lip fillers as component of her job. “She was basically advised that she experienced to get them. She was advised, ‘Here is the selection of the medical professional that we use, off you go.’” Taylor also told us about a well known sports program in which all male presenters use fits while the women of all ages are all in mini-skirts39. Vanja Stokic from Bosnia and Herzegovina has experienced comparable activities, but occasionally sees “benefits” of currently being customarily desirable. One particular supply, in unique, was pretty explicit. “He informed me, ‘when I observed the way you appear, I experienced to invite you for an interview. Experienced you been a male, I would hardly ever have agreed to have a discussion with you.”

The misogynistic act of reducing a lady and her value owing to her actual physical attributes is inherently violent, as it denies gals their whole humanity. It is not shocking that this variety of violence qualified prospects right to on the internet abuse and other bodily manifestations. “When I was attacked in the past, there was normally a gender element to it. Most of the remarks had been misogynistic, sexist and often in relationship to the way I appear,” Milka Tadic Mijovic informed us. After remaining qualified with on line abuse, Stokic located a internet site where users had been debating (in the context of experiences of her abuse) “if the t-shirt I was carrying was nicer than what it was masking (e.g. my body). So yes, there was a gender ingredient.” 

Sexism that establishes women’s worth as objects of attractiveness also produces a sense of entitlement in these that subscribe to this

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Women in Esports: Sjokz, Frankie & more break down the challenges & goals

As 2021 draws to a close, Dexerto spoke to several women around the esports industry to hear about their experiences from the year.

In October 2021, a post appeared on the League of Legends subreddit that boldly asked the question: ‘why are there no female League of Legends pro players?’ The replies to this and other posts on the topic are eerily emblematic of the challenges women still face in esports, and gaming more widely.

On one hand, there was the creation of Valorant Game Changers, an all-women pro circuit for Riot’s FPS. On the other, the announcement of a $500,000 CS:GO women’s circuit run by ESL as part of its #GGForAll initiative has sparked a heated debate about whether or not separating tournaments by gender is doing a disservice to women in esports.

All this begs the question: when it comes to esports, how do women currently in the industry feel about the state of affairs as 2021 draws to a close?

Dexerto spoke to five women – Rainbow Six Siege player and content creator Marieke ‘MissMarie’ Denise, broadcaster and host Frankie Ward, two-time Valorant Game Changers champion Mathilde ‘Nelo’ Bartoise, host and esports personality Eefje ‘Sjokz’ Depoortere, and broadcaster and esports org owner Erin Ashley Simon. They shared their thoughts on the past year, and what still needs to change in esports.


Mathilde ‘Nelo’ Bartoise – Valorant Game Changers champion

Riot Games

Nelo is a two-time Valorant Game Changers champion

Nelo dominated the early stages of the EMEA edition of Valorant Game Changers, the all-women pro circuit for Riot’s FPS title. Having taken home the first two EMEA Game Changers titles, Nelo gave her insight into how Game Changers has helped women’s esports and the importance of creating safe spaces for women in gaming.

When Valorant Game Changers began in March 2021, it was a North America-only event. The NA region ran three Game Changers events, and six Academy events, over the course of the year. The format was brought to the EMEA region in September, with the first series in the region starting on September 27.

On October 3, TENSTAR Nova were crowned the first EMEA Game Changers champions after beating Rix.GG Lightning 3-1 in the grand final. Nelo, the MVP of the title decider, could hardly contain herself when the team put the series to bed.

“I was in shock,” she said. “It was the first-ever trophy I had won, and I had won on it such a big stage. I just couldn’t believe it.”

What was more, her journey with Tenstar Nova had seen her defeat The Originals, a team that

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Thorin accused of toxicity towards women in the esports industry after standing up for Semmler

Resource: Leaguepedia


The esports group may have all-but condemned Semmler for likely on a sexist rant in response to the GGForAll’s all-feminine Counter-Strike: World wide Offensive league. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the industry alone has compensated a great deal interest to the toxic behavior. In simple fact, even extra prominent figures in the esports realm have felt comfortable aggressively standing up for Semmler because of to a deficiency of consequences, together with analyist Thorin. 


All over December 22, Semmler took to Twitter to considerably query the explanation behind GGForAll’s all-woman league. He questioned the skill level of the women associated and even questioned when an all-male CSGO tournament would exist (due to the fact apparently there haven’t been any of all those at any time). He later on known as GGForAll discrimination and harmful. 



While lots of felt that Semmler was lacking the whole reason driving woman-concentrated esports occasions, some agreed with Semmler that creating woman-only areas was harming the CSGO scene. This was a sentiment shared by Thorin, a properly-known analyst who has determined to also use his social media platform to go on a marginally unhinged tangent. 


“‘Women in the market essentially handle your factors and you should not just add their baggage and issues with adult men on to you’ problem,” Thorin tweeted. 


This was adopted by an even extra weird tweet that tried to assert that the esports business was wrongfully declaring that people are sexist just after they respond to poisonous actions by women of all ages. But his tweet came throughout illogical, bewildering, and toxic to several persons. 


If you are a single of the several persons blocked by Thorin with out even at any time interacting with him, the tweet states: Moron goes to a cafe carrying ‘save the whales’ shirt, drops trousers, and sprays shit almost everywhere. Proprietor has them kicked out and blacklisted. The moron was a female. Esports marketplace: ‘Yikes! Cannot think the owner hates whales and harassed a female!'” 



Thorin’s series of tweets trying to stand up for Semmler experienced the esports local community baffled and upset. But what experienced people even much more stunned by Thorin’s habits was his determination to unblock girls in the industry, estimate tweet them with an insult, and then block them yet again. 


Overwatch journalist Liz Richardson was a single of people women of all ages. On December 22, she tweeted that Semmler had called an Overwatch League participant extra fat though observing staff walkouts. Thorin responded that Richardson was a “sack of shit” who publishes private opinions on the internet. He then blocked her. 



A different Nerd Street esports employee screenshot Thorin unlocking her to mock her tweet following he attacked a Game Changers winner. She tweeted that Thorin was “heading all around blocking, unblocking, quote retweeting,” and then reblocking women of all ages who determined to answer to his Twitter rant and behavior. 



At this position, lots of ladies responded that Thorin had blocked them as perfectly. This baffled some

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How to drop in appreciate with training: Exercise sessions for men and women who detest exercise routines

If you like hula hooping, nothing’s stopping you from producing it component of your weekly physical exercise routine. 

Hill Road Studios/Getty Photos

You only get one particular overall body, and how you use it is up to you. If you might be like many people today this time who determine to fill the 12 months in advance with a minor far more motion, it can be a challenge to come across a plan that each satisfies you and won’t truly feel like a chore each individual day. Your time is important, following all. 

Haley Perlus is a activity and physical exercise psychologist, exercise coach and writer. She states that in order to find exercising you like, you need to question yourself what you by now adore. 

“It can be seriously more, what do you like to do? And what by now offers you energy?” Perlus claims. “There are hundreds of different work out regimens. We can obtain one particular that currently satisfies your current like.” 

For example, if you are a social particular person who enjoys or requirements the enterprise of other people for a work out, obtain courses the place you can truly feel other people’s power or even work out with pals (in-person or on the net lessons, including via an Apple Plus subscription). If you are an individual who is enthusiastic by a nutritious dose of competitors, signal up for a 5k or a further race, she suggests, providing you a intention to get the job done to. 

And if you like studying new things, Perlus states: “Do not get on a treadmill, for the reason that you previously know how to stroll right-still left, appropriate-remaining.”

Similarly, if you enjoy being outside, don’t exercise inside of, she claims. Whatsoever floats your boat, there is likely an training for that, and by way of a little trial-and-error you can find a schedule that you might be happy (and content) to simply call your very own.

Resistance exercise for people who don’t like lifting weights 

Resistance or energy schooling and holding your entire body sturdy is an essential component of our bodily overall health, in particular as we age. It can be normally involved with cumbersome body weight racks at the gym, but as far as energy or fat education goes, you really don’t want anything at all in your palms. 

“Physique resistance is the finest,” Perlus says, noting that she prefers human body resistance over actual weight-lifting. For a strength exercise session utilizing only your overall body (which sounds fairly strong, by the way), include resistance by putting your system at distinctive angles, according to Perlus. For illustration, do wall press-ups if you really don’t need considerably resistance, and modify the angle for a lot more. Squats, lunges, planks and yoga are great ways to remain powerful without the daunting experience of health club weights. Just make guaranteed you are

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benefits of barre workouts for women

We’re all stressed, overworked and over-trained. After months of home HIIT and incessant running, many of us have injuries and a general boredom with fitness. To get reenergised, you’ve got to switch up your fitness regime and there’s no better workout to pick up than barre.

Barre is the full-body, low-impact workout that’s designed to strengthen and lengthen through minute movements. It’s simple but brutal: those tiny lifts and tweaks target muscles that all those lockdown miles never touched. 

That’s what I thought, the first time I sidled up to a class with a running friend. Both of us were long-time gymmers and we decided to try a barre session out before work as a kind of ‘soothing’ way to start the day. Within a matter of minutes, I had to take off my vest because the sweat was pouring down my chest and the DOMS the next day were like I’d spent the previous morning pushing a static bus down the road. 

Barre for muscular endurance and low injury risk

Barre is all about low weights, high reps. Often, we talk about the power of lifting heavy – lifting as much as we can for only a handful of reps. Barre takes the opposite approach, limiting the injury risk and making movements more accessible. There’s plenty of evidence out there on the benefits of that kind of training.

We tend to think that in order to build muscle, you’ve got to use heavy weights… but that’s just not true. A study published in the Journal of Strength Conditioning Research found that lifting heavy for fewer reps and lifting lighter for higher reps both result in muscular hypertrophy (the process of building stronger muscle fibres).

Those high reps are designed to boost your muscular endurance rather than promote raw power. We need good muscular endurance and stamina if we want to, say, go for a run or on walking catch-ups with mates. Endurance also lowers your risk of things like diabetes and heart disease.

While there have been no barre-specific studies published in a peer-reviewed journal yet, we know that time under tension is an important factor in activating muscle motor units. The longer a muscle stays under tension, the more chance it has to increase in strength and growth. By getting us to work with high reps in a barre class, we end up working with increased time under tension, often to the point of fatigue (which is a sign that all of the available muscle motor units have been activated). 

Barre is all building muscular endurance through low-weight, high-reps.
Barre is all building muscular endurance through low-weight, high-reps.

Targeting the pelvic floor muscles as well as balance and flexibility

Barre, in particular, targets muscles that are often neglected in higher intensity workouts, like the pelvic floor. Often, we forget about that area until we have a baby or get older but we want to work on pelvic strength when we’re young so that we can maintain good pelvic health throughout our lives. The pelvic muscles support the

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