Liberal sports writers look to cancel ‘Braves,’ Tomahawk Chop as World Series heads to Atlanta

Liberal sports writers and corporate media members will be glued to the television on Friday night when the Atlanta Braves host the Houston Astros in Game 3 of the World Series, but many of them won’t be focused on the game. 

Instead, woke members of the press have been busy decrying the Braves’ nickname and iconic Tomahawk Chop as everything from racist to an act of violence. 

“A sport that helped define America and American men for more than 100 years has been taken over by those who hate the sport, the fans and our country,” Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor told Fox News Digital.  

Cancel culture has hit professional sports in recent years, specifically for teams named after Native Americans, and many have set their sights on the Atlanta Braves as the team hosts its first Fall Classic game in 22 years.


The NFL franchise formerly known as the Washington Redskins dropped its longtime moniker after years of pressure and have simply gone by the Washington Football Team. Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians initially ditched its popular Chief Wahoo logo and has scrapped the name altogether, planning to take the field as the Cleveland Guardians beginning next season. 

The Atlanta Braves, whose name goes back to 1912 when they played in Boston and later in Milwaukee, have hung onto the moniker and famed chant. Now, with the World Series heading to Atlanta’s Truist Park tied up at one game apiece, everyone seems to have an opinion on anything other than the action on the field.

The Associated Press published a column by Paul Newberry headlined, “Pull the plug on the chop — and Braves name, too.” The column admits the Tomahawk Chop “will be impossible to ignore now

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