Best Minecraft seeds for speedrunning

Minecraft is a game that lets gamers lots of distinctive gameplay design options with a single of the far more well-liked competitive types staying speedrunning. The act of speedrunning in Minecraft refers to trying to defeat the activity as quick as feasible.

Speedrunning has been all-around for a while, and as these kinds of, can be tried on any variation of Minecraft. Since seeds vary and shift with every single new version, make certain you load the corresponding variation with every seed stated here. A list of speedrunning documents, periods, seeds, and other information and facts across all versions of Minecraft is available listed here.

The very best seeds are going to have identical functions as facets like a village spawn, a shut nether fortress, a ruined portal, and other strengths make speedrunning a lot more quickly. A excellent seed helps make all the big difference in your ultimate speedrunning time, so listed here are some of the finest seeds for speedrunning in Minecraft to enable you get the speediest time attainable.

Seed -4530634556500121041, Edition 1.16

Screengrab by means of Mojang

This could be the finest starting seed for speedrunning in existence. You spawn in a village that has beds you can get to take with you to the Stop, there is loads of foodstuff in chest and about the village, and there is far more than sufficient obsidian to bring to the ruined portal that can be received from a chest in the blacksmith’s home

The most effective component of this seed is that the Finish Portal in the nearest stronghold has all 12 eyes of ender by now inserted. This suggests you can bypass fighting endermen, looking for a Nether fortress, and can hop suitable into the by now activated portal. The odds of a Minecraft seed

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Europa League playoffs draw results: Matches, teams qualified, seeds, rules for Round of 16 qualifiers

The Europa League may be Europe’s secondary club competition behind the lucrative UEFA Champions League, but the entertainment value and drama should ratchet up significantly after the changes made to the 2021-22 tournament to make it more exclusive and competitive.

One of those changes was the introduction of a playoff stage before the Round of 16. The eight Champions League third-place teams that in the past just walked into the Europa League’s knockouts as a consolation prize, will now have to prove they belong through playoff matches. Gone is the inflated Round of 32 that allotted slots for those Champions League underachievers to drop in — the Europa League knockouts will now start with the Round of 16, and half of the participants will come via the playoffs.

That playoff draw took place on Monday, Dec. 13. Here’s how it worked and which teams were involved.

Match Home team – 1st leg   Home team – 2nd leg
1 Sevilla FC vs Dinamo Zagreb
2 Atalanta vs Olympiakos
3 RB Leipzig vs Real Sociedad
4 Barcelona vs Napoli
5 FC Zenit vs Real Betis
6 Borussia Dortmund vs Rangers
7 FC Sheriff Tiraspol vs Sporting Braga
8 Porto vs Lazio

Europa League playoff draw

In the past, the Champions League third-place teams dropped into the Europa League knockouts because they were deemed to be deserving based on the quality and credentials that allowed them to qualify for Europe’s premier competition in the first place. Beginning this season, they’ll have to earn their spot in the Europa League Round of 16.

Those eight Champions League teams were drawn against the eight Europa League group runners-up in playoff series that will be played over two legs on Feb. 17 and Feb. 24. The team with the most goals in each series will

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