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Most of the time I have a yellow lawful pad where ever I go at get the job done. For some rationale, employing a white notebook doesn’t function as well for me.

My yellow notebook is a “portable brain” for me. Like anyone else, I have a whole lot of issues to monitor. I like the speedy visual impression on my notepad, even although a lot of electronic techniques are readily available.

I confess that I often add points to my list that I have previously finished. Then I mark my “task circle” with an “X.”

That way I have achieved one thing on my record.

What we eat affects all aspects of our wellness, which include our coronary heart and our brain. All round, a coronary heart-healthy eating plan is a mind-healthy diet program.

The biggest danger to our brain is a stroke. Controlling our blood strain is a key to helping reduce strokes.

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To support preserve a healthful blood tension, average your sodium or salt consumption and be guaranteed to consume potassium-rich food items, this kind of as loads of fruits and greens. Potatoes and bananas are notable sources of potassium.

Read through the Diet Details labels on foods products and solutions, mainly because potassium written content is now listed. Examine sodium content on labels as very well.

Some sorts of fish, these kinds of as salmon, trout and albacore tuna, are particularly fantastic sources of omega-3 fat, which our brains have to have to perform. Omega-3 fat are not produced in the entire body, so we will need to get them from our meals. We are advised to have two servings of fish or seafood weekly.

Appreciate much more nuts and seeds, which comprise healthful fat. Some scientists have connected ingesting

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Here’s how you can retain respiratory overall health in winters

In winters, there is an alarming rise in air pollution levels which, along with the dip in temperature, can guide to quite a few wellbeing concerns, including illnesses of the respiratory procedure. It will become vital, as a result, to training caution.

Dr Sujata Chakravarti, expert-typical medication, Hiranandani Medical center, Vashi — a Fortis Network Clinic — suggests that although respiratory conditions can come about at any time for the duration of the year, some of them are extra prevalent for the duration of winter due to different motives. Here are some of them:

– Fog merged with larger amounts of air pollution (smog) annoying our airways.

– Illness transmission accelerated through winter season due to inadequate ventilation indoors.

– Individuals with pre-existing conditions like bronchial asthma or COPD demonstrate worsening of indications. The frequency of asthma attacks also increases since of the chilly temperature, building them far more inclined to infections. They are inclined to shell out much more time indoors where allergens like dust mites, pet hairs and mould trigger the allergies to flare up.

In accordance to Dr Chakravarti, the respiratory illnesses that transpire typically in the course of winters contain:

* Common chilly: Pretty prevalent and contagious. Though usually mild and self-restricting, they can lead to a lot of malaise and discomfort. A prevalent cold can be prompted by a lot of unique forms of viruses.

* Influenza: Commonly regarded as the flu, it is a viral an infection caused by unique influenza viruses, but is far more critical than a widespread chilly.

* Bronchitis: When the tubes that carry air to the lungs get inflamed and swollen. You conclude up with a nagging cough and phlegm.

* Pneumonia: Takes place when an an infection brings about air sacs in the lungs to fill with fluid

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