14 great fitness accessories to buy in January

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Whether you’re planning on moving a little more this year or working on beating the quarantine blues by building up your home gym, there are plenty of great deals on fitness equipment right now. 

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While there are great discounts out there right now on luxury items like The Mirror (which is currently $300 less than its list price), there’s also a lot of fitness equipment out there that’s versatile and affordable. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to move around, enjoy yourself and break up your workday. Check out the below options for fitness equipment and accessories that are less than $100. 

1. This Hydro Flask water bottle

Stay hydrated in 2022 with Hydro Flask.

This is a semi-obvious pick, but literally no one should go into the new year dehydrated, especially if you’re planning on engaging in new physical activities. Hydro Flask makes some of the best water bottles we’ve ever tested. The Hydro Flask is an extremely popular water bottle option that has the benefit of being well insulated, perfect for toting along on hikes or carrying with you while you’re on the go. 

There are bulkier Hydro Flask options available, but this slender 20 oz. bottle is perfect for throwing in a gym bag or perching on your already overcrowded desk for constant hydration throughout the day.

Get the Hydro Flask 20 oz Water Bottle from Amazon for $30.71

2. Versatile, wearable weights from Bala Bangles

Up your workout game with a little added difficulty.

If you’ve been on the lookout for budget-friendly weights that you can use to supplement cardio workouts, these aesthetically pleasing pink weights might do the trick. The Bala Bangles will augment your resistance training and are designed to be comfortably worn during yoga, running, aerobic workouts, pilates or simply during walking and traveling. They can also be worn on your wrists or ankles, so you can wear them according to your exact workout of choice and your strength-training needs. 

We reviewed the Bala Bangles and our reviewer recommended that anyone looking to add Bala Bangles to their workout be cognizant of the risk for injury with improper use, while also noting that the Bangles are comfortable and pretty enough that she wanted to do more workouts with them. 

Get the Bala Bangle Classic 1 Lb. Weights from Athleta for $49 

3. Dumbbells from Amazon that won’t break the bank

For those looking to get into strength training.

Dumbbells are one of those hidden costs when you start building out a home gym that might deter people from engaging with strength training at home. These adjustable metal dumbbells are well-priced, but they also have a lot of versatility, with the option to swap out weights. The set featured here amounts to a combined weight of 59.5 pounds, but if you prefer lower or higher weights you can browse

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