HIIT Workout Plan: 10 At-Home HIIT Exercises

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HIIT refers to high-intensity interval training. It’s a highly effective form of exercise because it keeps your body guessing. What’s coming next? Slow cardio, fast cardio, strength training, lower body, upper body, cardiovascular challenges, balance or core work?

High intensity refers to moving at an increased pace and exertion. Think of sprinting instead of running, or doing jump squats instead of regular squats. In a workout full of these types of moves, you will have little to no rest in between exercises. Interval training refers to alternating between movements that require different speeds or degrees of effort. Think of walking for one block then running for a second block or doing 10 squats and then 10 pushups.

Both high intensity and interval training come with impressive health benefits, including speeding up the metabolism, building muscle, burning fat, and increasing energy and cardiovascular endurance. These types of workouts not only burn more calories while you’re exercising but it creates the “after-burn effect,” which means you burn more calories at rest once the workout is complete.

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31-day HIIT workout

When we think about HIIT workouts, high-impact exercises come to mind. And while jumps and explosive movements do increase calorie burn, muscle strength and mobility, these high-impact movements don’t need to be included in your workout for it to be considered high intensity. If you have knee, hip or joint pain in general, you should opt for the low-impact variations to take pressure off your joints. That’s why this workout plan includes both

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The Ness at-home trampoline workout had me sore for days

The full class was completed on the ground. The moves ended up truly quick-paced and it was a tiny hard to preserve up, but I certainly felt the burn up. We commenced with an arm series and then moved into a sequence of modified planks damaged up by child’s pose. I preferred that just after just about every set the teacher bundled a stretch to aid the body get better a little bit in advance of shifting on. We then did a leg pulse sequence, which extra in a little bit of indirect operate. With one particular leg always off the floor, it certainly was a problem to preserve my balance, which stored my main engaged. Again, we moved actually rapidly by the actions and devoid of some main toughness as a basis, it would have been quite complicated to maintain up.

The leg physical exercises hit that place in the glute appropriate where by the butt fulfills the leg. This is an spot I don’t generally experience the burn when doing bigger toughness teaching actions like squats I felt like I was acquiring deep into the muscle like I do with barre exercises. The course finished with ab muscles. It definitely burned and got deep into the core. By the finish, I unquestionably welcomed the long awesome-down extend.

The class was demanding, but it flew by. It took a good deal of coordination, stability and psychological concentration. You under no circumstances keep in 1 workout for also extensive, so it was effortless to press myself through the burn. It was truly diverse then the regular strength training I do with heavier weights and larger, slower movements. Even with the burn off, I was shocked how a lot I definitely savored this class it is certainly one I would incorporate

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