NAVI ownership allegedly changed hands behind closed doors 2 years ago and no one knew

The Ukrainian Esports organization Natus Vincere (NAVI) has changed palms in an allegedly below-the-table negotiation that draws far more inquiries than it responses.

The organization’s new owner, Maksym Krippa, has a history certainly worthy of searching into. 

NAVI’s Counter-Strike esports crew laid the groundwork for the org to inevitably propel by itself into the large it is today. The accomplishment of their CS teams pushed them to department out into distinctive video games and exciting titles, like their latest introduction into the VALORANT expert scene.

Since 2012, the NAVI corporation has built $18.7 million in prize dollars throughout a variety of online video-activity titles and has stars like Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, an case in point of the caliber of players they host.

Oleksandr Kokhanovsky was the founder and operator of the CIS corporation. Nevertheless, he registered the business enterprise lawfully through the British Virgin Islands and only in July 2022 was it uncovered to have altered palms. 

According to reports from Forbes Ukraine, an undisclosed transfer of possession took place in 2020 to Ukrainian businessman Maksym Krippa, leaving issues as to why the transform was hidden for so extended. 

Who is Maksym Krippa?

Krippa is a character, to say the the very least. He has been a element of and even started numerous companies involving promoting, program output, rental of machinery and equipment, and buying and selling.

Weirdly, he’s an professional in volcanoes, with a diploma from the Institute of Volcanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He allegedly has previous business connections to Maksym Polyakov, a gentleman whose portfolio ranges from missiles to adult internet sites.

Krippa is also linked with on the net casinos. His known associations involve organizations like GG.Wager and Vulkan Bets, betting websites commonly recognised among the esports local community. GG.Guess is also sponsoring the impending Dota 2 The Intercontinental 2022 event. The prior The Intercontinental event dropped jaws with a £38 million prize pool in 2021. GG.Bet is allegedly owned by none other than Krippa. 

NAVI’s sponsor from 2017 to 2020 was GG.Guess, at some point transitioning to a new sponsor, 1xBet. Whilst Krippa turned the owner formally in July 2022, recommendations have circulated that he took possession in 2020 behind closed doors. Not extended just after in Jan. 2021, GG.Bet came again into the fold and replaced 1xBet as NAVI’s sponsor. 

It is been suggested that the chop-and-adjust of sponsors was made to distract from the ownership overlap amongst GG.Bet and NAVI. Having said that, in spite of the common Cypriot roots of their huge connected entities, there have been no conclusive connections drawn.

When betting businesses fraternize with experienced esports corporations, there are reputational pitfalls and teams could not be equipped to contend due to a conflict of fascination. 

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