A Resistance Band Back Workout to Help You Improve Your Posture and Stand Up Straighter

For several persons, back energy likely isn’t a major exercise priority. But intentionally operating this region can pay significant dividends—and that’s where this resistance band back again exercise routine arrives in.

Men and women tend to neglect their back muscle tissue due to the fact, well, they are in the again, ACE-accredited individual coach Sivan Fagan, owner of Sturdy With Sivan, tells SELF. In its place, she states, persons have a tendency to concentration additional on their chest and biceps when thinking of higher-physique muscle tissues to focus on.

Performing your again muscle mass is tremendous essential, though, both for each day existence and for power instruction. Think about your posture, for instance. Using the time to do the job on your back again power can assist improve your posture, since optimum posture involves muscular strength and stamina throughout various muscle tissue on your backside. This incorporates your rhomboids (an upper again muscle mass that connects your shoulder blades to your rib cage), rotator cuff (a team of muscular tissues that aid you raise and rotate your arm), mid to lower trapezius (the muscle tissue across the again of your neck and higher back), and erector spinae (a established of muscle mass in your lower again).

When these muscles are solid sufficient, they can aid counteract the ahead shoulder hunch many individuals knowledge, particularly when they spend a good deal of time sitting. Hold in head, although, that suitable posture is not about getting by yourself locked into just one “perfect” place for hours—it’s also about making it possible for yourself time to shift and improve positions all over the working day, suggests Fagan.

This resistance band again exercise session will assist you strengthen these all-significant posterior-chain muscle groups. Just make positive you focus on your head-muscle mass relationship in the course of the moves, says Fagan. With head-muscle mass connection, you concentrate on participating the muscle tissue that should really be operating when you do a specified motion, alternatively than making it possible for other muscle groups to swoop in and just take around. For example, when you are executing a row, you’d want to aim on retracting your rhomboids instead of powering the movement with your arms. Great brain-muscle connection will aid the workout routines be as risk-free and effective as achievable, and bands genuinely enable with the method.

An additional extra bonus of the resistance band? You can pretty a lot use it any where. Resistance bands are super moveable and practical, which would make them superior alternatives for traveling exercise routines or outside workouts—pretty considerably anywhere you never want to lug your dumbbells. And due to the fact resistance bands hold constant tension on your muscle tissue, you are going to working experience a somewhat diverse challenge when compared to totally free weights.

Feeling prepared to fire up your again muscle mass and greater your posture in the course of action? Maintain scrolling for a four-go resistance band back again exercise session established by Fagan that may well just develop into a new staple in your program.

The Training

What you want: An workout mat for consolation, and a resistance band. (You can use looped bands or types with handles, whichever you want.) If you can, have many resistance bands of different strengths on hand so you can switch from physical exercise to exercising as desired. Fagan indicates a mild resistance band for the initial move, a medium-power for the second shift, and a hefty one for the third and fourth moves.

Physical exercises

Superset 1

Superset 2

  • Cuff Pivot
  • Staggered Stance Row


  • For Superset 1, accomplish 10 reps of the Pull-Apart and 10–15 reps per aspect of the Bow and Arrow. Test not to rest among physical exercises, however you should really consider some time if you really feel your kind starting to falter. Entire 3 rounds full. Relaxation for 2–3 minutes at the finish of Superset 1.
  • For Superset 2, perform 10–12 reps for every facet of the Cuff Pivot and 8–12 reps for each side of the Staggered Stance Row. Try not to relaxation in between workout routines. Finish a few rounds overall.

A band we like:

Execute Much better Superband

This resistance band is super sturdy and versatile ample to use for routines that operate more compact muscle tissue (like the Pull-Apart) and greater muscle groups (like the Staggered Stance Row).

Demoing the moves under are Hejira Nitoto (GIF 1), a mom of six and a accredited individual coach and health-clothing-line owner primarily based in Los Angeles and Saneeta Harris (GIFs 2–4), a blogger, SFG Level 1–certified kettlebell coach, and the founder of @NaturalHairGirlsWhoLift.

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