Where to find Hospitals in DMZ: All locations

DMZ’s expansive maps offer a huge assortment of properties and grounds to traverse, from armored law enforcement stations to highrise properties. Every single space can be looted for several products that one particular may possibly affiliate with the mentioned region for instance, applications and devices can most frequently be observed in workshops or garages.

If you are on the lookout for one thing precise to barter or craft, it might be best to research for these locations. A person these kinds of area gamers have been searching for in Warzone Year Four is hospitals.

From stim shots to Self-Revive Kits, hospitals are in high need, especially so in Time 4 with quite a few gamers seeking to unlock their second insured slot so they can drop into a spherical of DMZ with their best weapon loadouts.

To unlock the second insured slot in Period 4, gamers will have to have to exfil with specified health care products so acquiring a healthcare facility is key—but just in which are they?

All Hospitals in DMZ

Though it is feasible to come across particular health-related goods everywhere in DMZ, heading to a healthcare facility will just about undoubtedly consist of things like IFAKs, AFAKs, Significant Professional medical Bags, and Self-Revive Kits. At the time of publishing, hospitals can only be found in Al Mazrah, of which there are six.

Specifically, the hospitals can be found at:

  • C3, just outdoors Rohan Oil and subsequent to a gasoline station
  • D6, to the south of Sa’id City and in the vicinity of the dock
  • D8, in the 50 %-sunken Sawah Village
  • F4, to the north of the Mawizeh Marshlands and just throughout from the Al Mazrah City train station
  • H5, northwest of the outskirts of city and nearby the electric powered auto recharge station
  • G5,
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