40 Ways To Make Disgusting Things Around Your Home So Much Nicer

40 Ways To Make Disgusting Things Around Your Home So Much Nicer

No matter how often you clean, there will always be places in your home that just get a little bit gross. Common culprits, like the bathroom, are good examples of rooms that are plagued by germs and bacteria that we know are there, but often choose to ignore. A few simple solutions can make a world of a difference. Before your family arrives for their next visit, check out these 40 ways to make disgusting things around your home so much nicer.

As you might expect, this list is filled with tools and tricks to keep your bathroom feeling fresh. You’ll find hygienic fixes like a plunger holder, as well as aesthetic upgrades like an adorable mason jar accessory set to hold your soap, toothbrush, and other necessities. There’s a battery-powered scrubber that is designed for reviving old grout, as well as a bathroom spray that works before odors even escape the toilet bowl. These small, affordable changes will make your bathroom much nicer.

Beyond the bathroom, you’ll find common organization solutions for your garage or utility space, tools for keeping your countertop clear, and refrigerator liners that make sticky messes easier to clean. You’ll find tips for eliminating mold and mildew, like a washable shower curtain liner or activated charcoal bags. All of these solutions are quick and easy to use, and have been highly rated and reviewed by shoppers.

If you want a nice house, but feel like you’re always cleaning — this list is for you. I see a cleaner home in your future.


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