The Best Camera Accessories of 2022

Person pulling camera our of Peak Design bag
Peak Design

Finding the Right Camera Accessories in 2022

When choosing gear, it’s important to consider how and what you shoot. Are you a landscape photographer, or do you prefer sports photography? One will need a steady, rugged tripod while the other might benefit from investing in a good camera strap.

Evaluating your needs as a photographer will not only help you choose the best photo accessories for you, it’ll keep you from spending money on stuff you’ll never use.

Though your needs will vary, there are a few items just about every photographer can benefit from including in their kit. A good sturdy camera bag, for example, and a strong tripod. Let’s not forget a rock-solid memory card that you know will keep your images safe until you can get home to back them up. These are the small but essential items you may not consider when getting into photography but will end up needing.

Here we’ll go over the broader categories of camera accessories, from backpacks to memory cards, to help you choose some solid options to build out your kit. Because there are so many great options out there, we stuck to the ones we thought would make the best all-around or introductory pieces of kit.

Keep them for years or use them as a stepping stone—either way, you’ll find something in our list of top photography gear you can use.

Person using Peak Design totebag
Peak Design


  • Durable design to stand up to everyday use
  • Weatherproofing to keep gear dry
  • Moderate price point makes it more affordable than other bags like this
  • Sleek, minimal design


  • Doesn’t fit quite as much as other camera bags

W With so many different camera bags out there—sling, messenger, backpack, holster—choosing the best one can be difficult. Which one

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