DJ Esports League of Legends Worlds 2021 predictions

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On Oct. 5, the Season 11 League of Legends Worlds Championship will officially kick off in Iceland. In this year’s Worlds finals, all the competing teams will gather to compete in one stadium, the Laugardalshöll, and clash for their share of $2.2 million. 

For this event, DJ Esports has a new section specifically for fans to explore. The “Outright” tab now shows odds for the final winner of the Worlds Championship, based on the platform’s comprehensive data analysis tools like their AI-driven analytics matrix. From here, players can choose to bet on one or more teams they think might claim the final title of Champion. Right now, the DJ Esports Championship Outrights favors FunPlus Phoenix, DAMWON Gaming, and EDward Gaming to take the Cup.

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According to DJ Esports, FunPlus Phoenix is currently ranked first. The odds of FPX winning the championship are 3.125, nearly a full point better than their nearest competition. 

FPX won it all back in S9 of Worlds. In the LPL playoffs this season, they swept LNG Esports and LNG Esports, securing their place in the finals. Although they ultimately lost to EDG in the finals, they demonstrated strategies, coordination, and offensive ability that blew many fans away. This will be their strongest weapon heading into Worlds. 

DK and EDG are tied for second place in the Outrights, with odds of 4.166 each. Both teams have shown that they deserve to be playing on the world’s largest stage and they are definitely strong candidates for Championship contention as well.

DK successfully took home the Cup last year in S10. At this year’s MSI, they had an excellent performance and showed their outstanding strength with their midlane/jungle synergy. They were able to win all but one game, securing the second palace spot. 

The team later continued their strong dominance in the LCK summer competition, losing only one game in two best-of-five matches and claiming the Championship. They are playing at the top of their game and are eager to show what they are capable of.

EDG has always been a dominant force in the LPL. Over the season, they were often able to take down their opponents by relying on the abilities of their carries. In the LPL Summer Finals, they successfully defeated FPX 3-1 to win the Championship. Throughout the competition, we’ve seen moments of glory hinting at their true potential. The players’ outstanding individual abilities and stable performances make EDG a strong contender for the Championship.

Image via DJ Esports
Image via DJ Esports

MAD Lions are sitting at 18.181 on DJ Esports and are currently ranked fifth in the overall strength rankings. Although there are some gaps between the top teams, if they can reach their full potential in the Worlds Championship, MAD have a good chance of occupying a place in the top four.

As the spring and summer champions of the LEC division, they have the skills needed to be serious contenders in the tournament. They’ve managed to perform well against top teams from other regions during the MSI. In the semi-finals, they were even able to go toe-to-toe with the defending champions DK and only lost by one nail-bitingly close round. 

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In recent games, MAD has a 90 percent win rate. Combined with their first blood and first dragon rates of up to 60 percent, they are showing that they came to win. On average, MAD has a staggering 2.86K gold difference at the 25-minute mark, demonstrating they have an excellent understanding of the early game. 

Image via DJ Esports
Image via DJ Esports

Another team to watch is FNATIC, with their winning odds sitting at 31.250, ranking them at ninth place on the DJ Esports Outright odds, and 13th in the overall strength rankings. 

While they weren’t able to reach the finals in the LEC playoffs, they still surprised many players with their teamwork and individual abilities in their match against G2, and successfully entered the championship as the third seed for LEC. 

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On paper, FNC is performing fabulously. Their win rate, first blood rate, first turret rate, and first Dragon rate in the last ten rounds have all reached as high as 60 percent. This shows that they are a consistent team with the skills necessary to win big games.

In the early game, they are able to take an early lead thanks to their excellent individual abilities and lane control. Although their first Rift Herald rate is only 40 percent, their first Baron rate is as high as 70 percent, which shows their emphasis on the mid-late game. Once they get the Baron buff, they often push to end the game as soon as they can.

FNC were placed in Group C with PSG Talon and Royal Never Give Up for Worlds, but if they can steal some games, they have a good chance at breaking into the top eight.

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As the first seed of the LCS Division, 100 Thieves has odds of 76.923 on DJ Esport, ranking them 13th in the Outrights, and ninth in strength rankings.

The only reason 100T is ranked so low is due to the LCS’s performances in recent years. The division as a whole has not performed well at Worlds and markets tend to be unfavorable to odds for LCS teams. However, While they are not favored to win Worlds by the statistics, professional data analysts at DJ Esports are hopeful they can put on a good show and maybe surprise some skeptics while fighting against T1 and EDG in Group B.     

100T’s recent victory in the LCS Summer Split also shows their ability to hang with the best teams, and, because of the team’s excellent offensive ability in the early game, they are able to take the initiative when facing off against EDG and T1 who are more focused on laning. If they can gain an advantage in the early game and suppress their opponents through snowballing. 100T may be able to use this to their advantage and disrupt their opponent’s rhythm. 

For more insight on the 2021 LoL World Championship and up-to-the-minute updated data and odds for all of the competing teams, you can view them on DJ Esports.

DJ Esports League of Legends Worlds 2021 predictions

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