All Easter eggs in Worlds 2023 song ‘Gods’ music video

The audio online video for the Worlds 2023 music “Gods” by NewJeans has been produced.

In this video clip, League of Legends dsports fans are taken on a journey by the highs and lows of Korean bot laner Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu’s lifestyle just before he became a Environment Champion.

This four-minute audio video clip is crammed with Easter eggs and references that showcase vital times from his job, including interactions with some of the most unforgettable gamers in the scene.

Easter eggs and triumphs: The new music movie of Worlds 2023 tune ‘Gods’ chronicles Deft’s vocation

  • Faker and Deft attended the exact same superior school together
  • Faker’s Zed in the course of Worlds 2013
  • Deft’s space includes an alpaca plush
  • PawN compared to Deft at Worlds 2014
  • Rekkles’ Kennen at Worlds 2015
  • Dealing with DAMWON Gaming at Worlds 2020
  • DRX successful Worlds 2022

Faker and Deft attended the same higher school alongside one another

Worlds 2023 song "Gods" Easter eggs featuring Faker and Deft
Credit rating: Riot Games

The new music video commences with Deft heading to faculty on a chilly winter season early morning. Inside of the classroom, we place T1 star player, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, seated just a number of chairs away from Deft.

Faker and Deft the two attended Mapo High College and started out their experienced careers at roughly the exact time again in 2013.

Faker’s Zed in the course of Worlds 2013

Worlds 2023 song "Gods" Easter eggs featuring Faker as Zed
Credit score: Riot Online games

The tunes online video transitions to a scene where by Deft is engaged in a battle in opposition to a Blue Sentinel. As he glances close to, he witnesses Faker defeating the Baron Nashor with Zed’s loadout.

This minute is a immediate nod to Faker’s general performance in recreation two of the Worlds 2013 closing, where his mastery of Zed served SK Telecom T1 protected their to start with-at any time World Championship title.

Deft’s space includes an alpaca plush

Worlds 2023 song "Gods" Easter eggs featuring Deft's room with an alpaca stuffed toy
Credit history: Riot Online games

Caster Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles at the time humorously likened Deft to an alpaca, pointing out their related physical attributes.

This joke designed its way into the songs movie for the Worlds 2023 track, where a plush alpaca is shown on Deft’s bed.

“I agree that alpacas and I are alike… not just appears to be but also identity,” he beforehand informed 1 Esports in an distinctive interview. “I am ordinarily relaxed, but if anyone crosses the line, I are likely to have a mood as perfectly.”

On top of that, Deft’s bedroom is adorned with different Easter eggs, such as posters from Worlds 2013, a a team poster showcasing League of Legends champions, and unique posters of Jinx and Vi, the most important people of the animated series Arcane.

PawN vs . Deft at Worlds 2014

Worlds 2023 song "Gods" Easter eggs featuring Pawn and Deft fighting
Credit: Riot Online games

The scene shifts its emphasis to Worlds 2014, highlighting the matchup concerning Heo “PawN” Gained-seok’s Jayce, playing for Samsung White, and Deft’s Lucian, taking part in for Samsung Blue, their sister crew.

PawN’s elimination of Deft in the semifinals ended his hopes of lifting the Summoner’s Cup. Samsung White went on to defeat Star Horn Royal in the final 3-1 to become Globe Champions.

Rekkles’ Kennen at Worlds 2015

Worlds 2023 song "Gods" Easter eggs featuring Rekkles using Kennen's weapons
Credit score: Riot Games

Even even though a lot of several years have absent by, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson’s Kennen performance throughout Worlds 2015 continues to be legendary, earning a location in the Worlds 2023 anthem songs video.

Even so, it’s essential to notice that the scene in the songs movie doesn’t exactly recreate what took place in the Worlds 2015 quarterfinals.

In actuality, it was Rekkles’ Jinx who secured the victory by defeating Deft’s Sivir in the fifth game, thereby reducing Deft from competition.

Experiencing DAMWON Gaming at Worlds 2020

Worlds 2023 song "Gods" Easter eggs featuring Deft fighting Showmaker
Credit score: Riot Game titles

In the songs video clip, there is a tribute to Deft’s encounter with DAMWON Gaming at Worlds 2020.

In this scene, Deft is now a member of DRX participating in Senna, together with teammates Ryu “Keria” Min-seok who made use of Braum, and Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon, who used Jax.

They go head-to-head against DAMWON Gaming’s Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu on Graves and Heo “ShowMaker” Su. The collection resulted in a 3- victory in favor of DAMWON and a further quarterfinals exit for Deft.

DRX winning Worlds 2022

Worlds 2023 song "Gods" Easter eggs featuring DRX player roster in their Worlds 2022 skin
Credit score: Riot Games

In the closing scene of the Worlds 2023 track songs online video, all five customers of DRX’s profitable roster are highlighted — Deft, Hwang “Kingen” Seong-hoon, Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon, Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo, and Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee.

Each player is holding a weapon that corresponds to the champion they made use of in their remaining video game versus T1 at Worlds 2022 — Deft retains Caitlyn’s rifle, Kingen wields Aatrox’s Darkin Blade, Pyosik carries Hecarim’s glaive, Zeka holds Azir’s workers, and BeryL carries Bard’s horn.

This was the year the place Deft eventually reached his existence-prolonged desire of lifting the Summoner’s Cup. He not only reached his aim, he also defeated his former schoolmate Faker and T1 in the procedure in a thrilling 3-2 victory. This was also the to start with time in League of Legends esports record that a Play-In group received the championship.

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