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In time for peak ski season, the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab has added snow sports to the listing lined by its nationally regarded five-star helmet ranking program.

Out of 35 helmets the lab examined, 2 helmets merited all five stars, and 8 attained 4. The remainder earned 3 or fewer. [View the ratings.]

The scores, which are designed on many years of Virginia Tech’s research and knowledge in damage biomechanics, give a exclusive, proof-primarily based way for customers to know which helmets provide the greatest safety. They’re produced feasible by the lab’s arduous analysis of what occurs during a head impact in a particular activity, and which impacts are most probably to switch into accidents. The investigate is a collaboration with the Edward By way of College of Osteopathic Medication.

“The situation that guide to head injuries are distinctive for every sport,” explained Steve Rowson, an affiliate professor of biomedical engineering and mechanics and the Helmet Lab’s director. “What part of the head usually will get strike? At what angle? How quickly? Comprehending people circumstances comprehensively adequate to recreate them in the lab is the critical to assessing how effective helmets will be in a way that is relevant to what athletes practical experience in the authentic globe.”

High-strength sporting activities appeal to a rapt audience at the Winter season Olympics just about every 4 years, but they’re also wildly well known among recreational athletes — the National Ski Parts Association claimed 59 million visits to skiing or snowboarding places in

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