Elegance and way of life brand name taps top electronic personality for health booster line

Beautederm Company CEO and President Rhea Anicoche-Tan recognizes the energy of electronic influencers and social media personalities in guiding consumers make educated conclusions, which is why in its newest line of well being dietary supplements, the superbrand signed Jelai Andres as one of its ambassadors.

Beautederm President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan

In a start held very last week, the model launched Andres as 1 of the faces of Reiko and Kenzen Beautéderm Wellbeing Boosters. She is joining teen star Andrea Brillantes and actress Maja Salvador as the line’s official endorsers.

“Right now, most organizations acknowledge the electricity of influencers, with just one particular post, they are capable to access a number of people today,” Anicoche-Tan said during the celebration

With a whopping 17.7 million consolidated followers across her Fb, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter platforms, Andres is 1 of the most prominent influencers on social media right now. Her large adhering to on the web paved the way to a really promising job in acting as she is catapulted to mainstream leisure with a notable human body of work including stints in 2019 comedy movie Feelennial and in GMA-7’s best-ranking collection this sort of as A single Of The Baes and Owe My Like. She also starred in YouTube brief movies Barang and Sama Ka.            

“I’m so happy and I sense so blessed as I am grateful and enthusiastic now that I am a component of Beautéderm,” stated Andres. “I am honored that Beautéderm trusted me to signify Reiko and Kenzen Beautéderm Health Boosters as its brand name ambassador.”  

With an incredibly energetic and active life style, Andres also reveals that it is quite vital to keep good wellbeing especially in the midst of the present-day worldwide health and fitness crisis, “It’s significant for me to get enough sleep every single

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LeBron James’ one-game suspension for clocking Isaiah Stewart doesn’t seem in line with J.R. Smith precedent


The NBA announced on Monday that LeBron James has been suspended one game without pay — which amounts to a $284K forfeiture — for “recklessly hitting [Isaiah] Stewart in the face, and initiating an on-court altercation.”

It was also announced that Stewart, who was left badly bloodied after his face took the business end of James’ closed fist, has been suspended two games without pay for “escalating an on-court altercation by repeatedly and aggressively pursuing [LeBron James] in an unsportsmanlike manner.” 

Though understandable after the shot he took, Stewart lost his mind. This was not a typical “hold me back” NBA fight. Stewart was after LeBron like a madman. The scene was ugly and easily could’ve gotten much uglier. Stewart deserves the two-game suspension he got. You just can’t do this on an NBA court:

LeBron, on the other hand, appears to have gotten off lightly with his one-game suspension as there is precedent for a harsher penalty in this case. Back in 2015, J.R. Smith was suspended two playoff games for a nearly identical hit on Jae Crowder, which you can see below. 

Now here’s the LeBron footage:

And a slightly different angle:

You can clearly see LeBron looking back at Stewart as he throws his fist. He knew what he was doing. Smith took a longer swipe, but it’s the same thing. Watch the clips again. Smith was peeved about Crowder’s initial contact as they tussled for rebounding position, just as LeBron was visibly irritated with Stewart’s contact, for which Stewart was assessed a loose-ball foul. 

Smith took a swing backward. LeBron took a swing backward. 

Smith hit crowder in the face. LeBron hit Stewart in the face. 

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