5 Steps to Do When Choosing a Wedding Dress

When choosing a wedding dress, many things must be considered so as not to spoil the long-awaited wedding day.

Before carrying out the wedding day, the most important preparation that must be done so that there are no problems when the Day arrives is to be careful in choosing a wedding dress. Basically, the simple wedding dress worn by a woman on her happy day will be in the spotlight of the guests and extended family. In terms of aesthetics, models and colours, the wedding dress must be chosen according to the will of the woman. Because, if the wedding dress worn is not appropriate, then the positive aura and beautiful face of the bride will not shine brightly on the aisle.

When viewed from the beginning of 2021, the trend of wedding dresses in the international fashion world that is rampantly worn by brides is dresses with models that expose the back, the use of lace that dominates, playing with bright colours and floral motifs, to bohemian style wedding dresses. In Indonesia itself, wedding dress models such as tulle embroidery are still in great demand and are predicted to remain a trend until the first half of 2022.

The development of models and motifs of wedding dresses designed by well-known designers is quite fast during a pandemic.

1. Do your research through the official website

To find the model, motif, and colour of a wedding dress to your liking, the first step you have to do is do some research first. Because now technology has advanced, you can use your smart phone to open official websites that sell wedding dresses to view catalogue collections. After you have found a wedding dress that is considered perfect, then you go to the destination store to do the fitting with your partner.

2. Match the wedding theme

When planning your wedding day, you and your partner must already have a big theme to carry. If all the themes and concepts for your wedding have been completed, don’t forget to adjust the wedding dress you wear on the Day. For example, you are going to hold a wedding party with a garden party theme that is formal but still relaxed, choose a wedding dress with a simple design and minimal accessories. . Usually if the wedding is held outdoors, the right wedding dress model for you to wear is an off-shoulder gown or long sleeves lace dress.

3. Determine the exact budget for the wedding dress

Before choosing the wedding dress of your dreams, first make sure the budget in hand is appropriate without a penny less. Each wedding dress that is sold has a different price, depending on the material and the level of difficulty during manufacture. Therefore, you must understand the concept that the higher the price of the wedding dress, the better and the quality of the special dress. Instead of being disappointed when you can’t get the dress you want, it’s better to prepare more expenses for this one.… Read More...

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