Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.2: Full notes and updates

Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.2: Full notes and updates

Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.2 is established to launch the A Curious Journey growth, containing new cards, stability adjustments, skins, and much more. 

Scheduled to strike the reside servers on Feb. 16, Patch 3.2 will insert a whole of 48 cards by way of the A Curious Journey growth. The new LoR enlargement is dropping with 4 new champions: Gnar, Yuumi, Galio, and Udyr. There are also two new key phrases: Connect and Formidable.

To rejoice the launch of A Curious Journey, players can take part in the Arcade Battle event. Patch 3.2 includes stability improvements to present LoR playing cards and new champion skins. And the location streets for Bandle Metropolis, Freljord, and Demacia have been prolonged. 

In this article are the notes for LoR Patch 3.2.

LoR stability variations

Ahri has lastly been strike with the nerf hammer, cutting down her foundation stats at ranges 1 and two. Wounded Whiteflame also received a foundation stat nerf. The spell Iceborn Legacy will get its expense enhanced and Kinkou Wayfinder only summons a one 1-price tag ally from your deck now. 

  • Ahri amount a person: Foundation stats nerfed from 2/3 to 2/2
  • Ahri level two: Base stats nerfed from 3/4 to 33
  • Wounded Whiteflame: Foundation stats nerfed from 2/4 to 2/3 
  • Kinkou Wayfinder: Foundation stats buffed from 2/3 to 3/3
  • Kinkou Wayfinder: Text changed to summon only a one a single-expense ally from your deck as opposed to two
  • Iceborn Legacy: Price tag elevated from five to 6
  • Iceborn Legacy: Transformed from a Burst velocity spell to a Quick velocity spell

Patch 3.2 champion skins and extra

A overall of 8 new LoR winner skins are accessible through Patch 3.2, with the exception of last manager Veigar, whom gamers can generate by finishing the Arcade Fight function pass. A new board, The Closing Phase, has been additional. It is equipped with an distinctive Mega Robo-Veigar Guardian, is interactive, has exclusive visible consequences, and plays songs. 

Graphic through Riot Games

4 new Guardians will fall in LoR Patch 3.2: Storm, Darkish Storm, Hector, and Voxel Chip. There are also four new card backs: Bullet Birds two, Arcade Anivia, Arcade Skip Fortune, and Arcade Final Manager Veigar. 

Gamers can unlock 4 new LoR emotes and there’s a Yummi and Pantheon deck bundle. Photographs for all the new skins, card backs, and emotes can be discovered below. 

Bug fixes

  • Pantheon will no more time obtain extra keywords and phrases than intended on leveling up
  • Sion’s card will now have a gold emphasize to mark leveling problems receiving fulfilled
  • Buhru Sentinel and Brugenoing Sentinel will no for a longer time get buffs from One Fight
  • A bug in which Station Archivist was only putting the top rated five cards to the prime of the deck has been resolved
  • Amount two Zed’s shadow will now effectively copy itself
  • Earthshaker will now double Influence immediately after reaching four stacks

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