High Altitude Sporting Events


This site is dedicated to high altitude sporting events, often called Skyrunning. This site is not affiliated with any other high altitude sport sites and the information contained within is simply an opinion of a person that has invested time to gain knowledge on the subject. If you were to seek for more information regarding Skyrunning for events and other relevant information you may search for the term Skyrunning in the search engines to find other relevant sites.

What is skyrunning?

Skyrunning is a highly tuned discipline of running in mountains above 2,000m. The incline in these high altitudes exceeds 30%, yet the difficulty in climbing does not exceed II° grade. There are other hand aids that are available to use to assist with progress, including ski poles.

Where are these high altitude sporting events held?

High altitude sports are held anywhere mountains exceed 2000m in height. These locations include – Tibet, Kenya, The Alps, Mexico, Nepal, Colorado.

Some of the results achieved in High Altitude Sports

Many people ask why the sky, but once you gain an understanding on the physical and mental conditioning, you can begin to take yourself beyond the realm of any normal existence. There are many athletic results that have been achieved, results that have taken this event to new heights, helping to establish high altitude sports as a recognized event.